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Friday, April 2nd, 2010
Billha Zussman

Chasing images


Israeli-born Billha Zussman studied her graphic arts in Amsterdam where she now lives and works. She has both exhibited and been awarded as an innovative graphic artist and cartoonist in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Belgium and the USA since the 1980s.

The progression of her technique has resulted in an acclaimed style of graphic print that begins with a lino cut. Far from stopping at the traditional lino print, however, Zussman allows the lino image to redefine itself in relation to black-and-white elements, reverse imaging, overlay, color print image carriers and even sculpturally inclusive of the cut-out lino plate itself. This convoluting and combining of elements conjoins art and artifact in an inseparable embrace that presents an altogether unique face to the viewer.

In an almost MacLuhanesque sense then, for Billha Zussman, her medium has in a very literally way become an intrinsic part of her message

Present day Active as a guide at the Jewish Historical Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Member of the American Guild of Judaic Art American Guild of Judaic Art
2013 The Orange Church, Amsterdam, Month of the Graphic Art. November 2013.
2013 The American Jewish Museum of Greater Pittsburgh presents: A Stitch in Jewish Time. PROVOCATIVE TEXTILES.
2013 The Golden ghetto Award, Venice, Italy
2013 Fantastic Fibers, Paducah, USA. National Quilt Museum, An international competitive exhibition that seeks to showcase a wide range of Outstanding works, related to the fiber medium
2013 Museum of Imajewnation: Freedom Imagined, Freedom Lived. An artistic Review of The Passover promise.
2012 The Morris and Sally Justein Heritage Museum, Toronto, Canada presents: COVER THY HEAD, an exhibition and juried show.
2011 Bet Am Shalom 17th Judaica Craft Show, NY, USA
2011 Museum of Imajewnation: Sukkah City/Defining and Defying Boundaries An exhibition of Sukkot walls and boundaries, St. Louis, USA
2010 Museum of Imajewnation, St. Louis. USA Drama on the Shabbat table. The role of the Shabbat Challa Cover
2010 International Contemporary Masters 2010: World Wide Art Books
2008 5th International Istanbul Cartoon Festival – “Interlectual Tolerance”
2008 Fortocartoon 2008 – Portugeese Printing Press Museum – The Human Rights (more…)