The Moris and Sally Justein Heritage museum: Cover thy head, an exhibition and juried show.

Cover Thy Head


An exhibitionand juried show

My Kippah design: “The silence of the Sirens”and is about a public debate about the exclusion of women from public places has recently come into view with the refusal of religious soldiers to attend official Israel Defence Forces events which feature women’s singing….

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A wise Rabi told a soldier among his disciples that finding himself facing women sing, he should shut his eyes and use ear plugs!

Well, wise Rabi, listen to another wise man, ever heard of Kafka (?) who wrote

…”now the Sirens have a still more fatal weapon than their song, namely their silence…someone might possibly have escaped from their singing but from their silence, certainly never…

About the design: I transformed two kippah’s into an headphone, transformed into an helmet.

A la Geurre comme a la Geurre!

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